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Looking for commercial and office cleaning services in Edmonton? You have come to the right place. New Image Cleaning specializes in commercial and office cleaning in Edmonton and surrounding areas.

Commercial Cleaning and Office Cleaning Edmonton

Commercial & Office Cleaning Services

We have many commercial and office cleaning clients and have the experience of working years within the industry cleaning offices of all sizes, from small commercial establishments to entire floors of an office tower. 

We are extremely thorough and can provide you with the right cleaning service for your needs. Our team of highly trained cleaners ensures that all possible surfaces are professional and without leaving a single corner. Our cleaners use only eco-friendly antibacterial cleaners that are stronger than the ones you can buy in the store. We understand that a person’s first impression upon entering your office is often its cleanliness, and we guarantee that we can leave them satisfied. At Red Door Cleaning, we provide a cleaning service you can count on and count on.

Commercial Cleaning Services

Our commercial cleaning services are unmatched, and as a customer, you can count on us at New Image Cleaning to provide a high standard of cleaning with knowledgeable employees at reasonable prices. We will thoroughly clean every square inch of your commercial property, leaving you happy and never skipping a surface. Because each facility we clean has different problems, we don’t approach them all the same and adjust our cleaning methods and frequency in accordance with the space we are cleaning and the amount of work that needs to be done. We can clean your commercial property at a time that works for you because our cleaning schedule is flexible.

Edmonton Commercial & Office Cleaning Services

New Image Cleaning

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Clients We Have Served

Office Cleaning Services

New Image Cleaning recognizes the value of a clean workplace since it promotes better health by using eco-friendly products and inspires everyone within your office to have a cleaner office and less mess to worry about. Your office will be more productive and comfortable if it is kept tidy for you and your staff. We will create a cleaning plan that works for you so we don’t interfere with your office’s productivity. No matter what kind of office you have, our cleaning professionals will maintain it up to code using the proper tools and procedures.

We shall sweep the area around any papers on desks because we recognize how delicate information security is. We’ll make sure that your office is hospitable to all potential visitors, including clients, landlords, patients, staff members, business partners, and others.

Edmonton commercial and Office cleaning

Areas We Clean

  • – Most common public areas
  • Conference rooms
  • – Kitchens and workplace gatherings
  • – Bathrooms
  • – Hallways and floors
  • – Reception areas
  • – Office and cubicles

Why Hire us at New Image Cleaning?

Because cleaning is our true calling, we promise to leave your building spotless and professionally maintained. We have the most skilled group of cleaners in Edmonton who will complete the task correctly the first time. Our superior office and commercial cleaning services will keep your building looking like new.


For all of the office and commercial cleaning services we offer, New Image Cleaning provides a free estimate. Simply complete our free estimate form with your contact information and the square footage of the space you need to be cleaned and we’ll be pleased to provide you with a price.


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