Elevate the appearance, health, and safety of your business with professional and reliable Edmonton commercial cleaning services.
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Transform Your Edmonton Business with New Image Cleaning

Why choose New Image Commercial Cleaning Services to maintain the cleanliness of your Edmonton business? We deliver personalized cleaning solutions backed by our strict quality control program. To ensure a clean and healthy commercial space, we use only the best tools and environmentally conscious cleaning products.
Reliable Cleaning Services: Thorough and meticulous janitorial & commercial cleaning with every visit.
Fair & Transparent Pricing: Competitive rates and upfront pricing, with no surprises.
Flexible Scheduling: A tailored cleaning schedule built to accommodate your business needs.
Open & Responsive Communication: Regular updates and ongoing communication for peace of mind.
Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products: Green cleaning for a healthier environment. Both at your office space, and for the planet.
Security and Professionalism You Can Trust: Fully trained and uniformed personnel for a trustworthy service experience. Our staff vetting process to ensure integrity and professionalism
Transform your Edmonton business with the unrivaled expertise of New Image Cleaning. Elevate your first impression with our top-rated commercial cleaning services.

We Treat Your Edmonton Commercial Property Like It's Our Own

Our mission is to provide stress-free commercial cleaning services and 5-star customer satisfaction. We handle/treat/maintain/clean/approach every commercial property with care and respect, providing peace of mind for Edmonton and surrounding area businesses.

Companies We Work With

With a proven track record, we've collaborated with various industries, establishing ourselves as a trusted ally in maintaining spotless, conducive spaces for success and well-being.

Expert Commercial Cleaning Backed By Our Service Guarantee

All of our Edmonton commercial cleaning services are backed by our satisfaction guarantee - for a quality clean you can count on.

Clean Guarantee

Our cutting-edge cleaning methods guarantee a healthy, hygienic space that fosters wellness and productivity.

Pricing Guaranteed

We provide upfront quotes to guarantee the price you pay for our cleaning services in Edmonton is never a surprise.

Green Guarantee

Embrace a greener, cleaner office space with our eco-conscious solutions, nurturing both your team and the planet.

Scheduling Guaranteed

Enjoy the seamless integration of our cleaning services into your life, keeping your space immaculate without disrupting your flow.

Customer Service Guaranteed

Experience the relief of entrusting your space to our caring, skilled professionals, enhancing the joy and harmony in your workplace.

Our Commitment to Exceptional Commercial Cleaning Services in Edmonton

As someone who values a strong work ethic and attention to detail, I’ve built my company with these essential qualities in mind.

At New Image Commercial Cleaning Services Inc., we are passionate about providing exceptional cleaning services that exceed expectations. As locals, we aim to create clean, safe and healthy commercial spaces in Edmonton and the surrounding areas. We also pride ourselves on giving back to the community and providing quality jobs to employees who love their work.

To discuss customized cleaning solutions for your Edmonton business, contact me directly or request a quote online. On behalf of myself and the team of dedicated cleaning specialists at New Image Cleaning, we look forward to meeting you soon.

Julija Strohschein
Owner, New Image Cleaning Services

Frequently Asked Questions

New Image Cleaning is making businesses in the Greater Edmonton area shine for over 10 years! People trust us to do a great job and that’s why we are the best choice for commercial cleaning.

How do you manage large-scale commercial projects or special events?

We have over 20 years of experience cleaning commercial office space and can deploy specialized teams equipped with advanced cleaning tools and project management strategies to handle large-scale projects and events efficiently.

What are your emergency response times for urgent cleaning needs?

Our emergency commercial cleaning services are available Monday through Saturday, and we guarantee a response time of less than two hours for urgent situations. Please call us first to confirm the availability

Can you provide references from similar businesses in our industry?

Yes, we can provide references from a variety of industries, demonstrating our experience and reliability in handling specific commercial cleaning needs.

How do you handle cleaning in multi-tenant buildings without disrupting occupants?

We create customized cleaning schedules that minimize disruption by coordinating with property management and tenants to clean during off-peak hours.

What specific cleaning protocols do you follow for sensitive environments like healthcare facilities?

We adhere to stringent cleaning protocols tailored for sensitive environments such as healthcare facilities, ensuring compliance with health regulations and using hospital-grade disinfectants.

What type of properties do you specialize in?

We provide professional cleaning services to a variety of commercial and multifamily properties such as office space, multifamily common areas, retail, financial, healthcare, education, energy/utility, church buildings and specialty industries.

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